The Ripley Town Centre Vision

The Ripley Town Centre Vision

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A vibrant new destination is unfolding in the Ripley region, shaping a visionary masterplanned community that redefines the notion of connection.

A place where commerce, innovation, retail, health, education and amenity connect on all levels.

A place where long-term sustainability and life-enrichment have been carefully curated for future generations.

Ripley Town Centre is designed with a 20-minute neighbourhood philosophy that creates a low-carbon community connecting and intertwining with the surrounding natural green landscape.  A design that will continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the community now and into the future.  

The vision is made up of 10 interconnected areas including Civic Heart providing a central community and cultural space, The Esplanade which features indoor and outdoor dining overlooking green space and The Green where young professionals, students and creatives will live, work and learn.

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1. Civic Heart
A place for cultural institutions, education and retail experiences surrounding a green forecourt
2. The Hub
Exceptional quality office, hotel and residential accommodation above the proposed train station
3. Central
Open laneways and treelined boulevards, home to experiential retail and mid-rise offices
4. The Esplanade
Indoor/outdoor dining and retail areas with community spaces
5. The Green
A live, work and learn village environment for young professionals, students and creatives
6. Health and Wellbeing
Hospital and aged care facilities for training, education and research with short term accommodation
7. Gateway North
An iconic building with heritage inspired architecture and a shaded plaza
8. North Village
Eclectic bars, restaurants and shops with high-street character and open space access
9. South Village
Medium to high rise residential for active lifestyles and ground level retail conveniences
10. Parkside Village
Residential terraces with open roof top green spaces and tree lined level offices