Population surge in Ipswich

Ripley Town Centre

Posted 7 Dec, 2018

Population surge see Ipswich growth rate above 5%

08 November 2018

The population of Ipswich has cracked the 215,000 mark.

Council’s Planning and Development Quarterly Activity Report for July-September 2018 confirms the city’s continuing high population growth rate – now soaring to 5.38 per cent.

An extra 2,858 people now call Ipswich home, increasing our population to 215,391.

Ipswich had previously topped the 210,000 mark in the January-March 2018 quarter.

ABS figures have consistently seen Ipswich ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in Queensland and in the top 10 nationwide.

The population hotspots are Spring Mountain, South Ripley, Redbank Plains, Ripley and Bellbird Park.

The building boom also continues unabated, as Ipswich continues to be the envy of local government areas across Queensland.

At 30 September 2018, there were 78,786 dwellings within the City of Ipswich, compared with 77,657 dwellings at 30 June 2018. This represents an increase of 1,129 dwellings and an equivalent annual growth rate of 5.82 per cent.

Suburbs with the most lots created during the September Quarter were Karalee, Brassall, Redbank Plains, Deebing Heights and Augustine Heights. Highlights from the report included:

*              another high growth period, with 2,858 persons population growth, and the Local Government Area population increasing to 215,391 persons, an equivalent annual population growth rate of 5.38 per cent;

*              Spring Mountain (Greater Springfield) is the fastest growing suburb, Karalee with the highest number of new lots created and Ripley with the highest number of new lots approved;

*              68,658m2 of new, non-residential building floor space, able to accommodate 719 new jobs;

*              409 development applications lodged, 687 plumbing applications lodged, and 3,554 building and plumbing inspections undertaken.